krankenschwester (mort) wrote in thevamps,

below is the list of ten commandments for vamping that louise glaum (that is she in my user icon) gave in a march 1918 interview for picture play magazine.

The Ten Commandments of the Vamp

1. Wear Gowns that suggest rather than reveal.

2. Appeal to the eye by gorgeous beauty; be a peacock- not a snake.

3. Throw a veil of mystery about the character.

4. Be ingratiating, smiling, seductive, never cold or disdainful except on rare occasion.

5. Be subtle always; the obvious siren frightens her victim away.

6. Be essentially feminine; a touch of the ingenue relieves suspicion and softens the portraiture.

7. You may fly into a picturesque rage, but never show irritability, and above all, don't nag.

8. Smoke cigarettes occasionally, but do so gracefully.

9. Be a picture always, in gestures, postures, gowns, and manner.

10. Be original; always appear to be different from all other women.
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