November 21st, 2002


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I posted here a while back, offering copies of silent film on dvd. I've had some hitches with some films, but so far I've managed to render a couple and wanted to post here and ask who might want a copy of them:

My Best Girl (1927), Mary Pickford's last silent film, considered by some to be her best performance. Co-starring Charles "Buddy" Rogers, who she later married. Good quality. $12 including postage to the US (I'm in England right now), 8 in the UK.


Love Em and Leave Em (1926) Louise Brooks, Evelyn Brent, and L:awrence Gray. The quality of the original print wasn't great, so neither was this. It's completely watchable though, especially for someone who is dying to see it. $10 including postage to the US, 7 to the UK.