May 19th, 2002

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Kittens Reichert

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Kittens Reichert plays the childhood of Theda Bara in "Heart and Soul". The eyes of the little Fox star and of the world's widest known screen siren are said to be identically the same in expression.

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Thank heavens for the Internet Movie Database. I wouldn't have been able to look up the name of the movie I saw last night...

It was The Easter Parade on PBS. It really reminded me how much I love old movies, especially musicals. Yes, they're cheesy and predictable, but they're great nonetheless.

And Judy Garland was so beautiful.

I think it's in the genes, because so was Liza Minnelli.

They both had such great presence, comedic timing, wonderful voices...and legs that officially earn the title of gams.

Ok you guys probably think I am a big gay male drag queen, rather than a sentimental female who happens to dig musicals, and the above-mentioned ladies. Over and out.
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