April 3rd, 2002

Side note :)

i read through the posts on here. :)
i think all of these women of this time are beautiful.
it is so hard now-a-days to find true vamps of the screen, it seems hollywood is more obsessed with the image of a fake conception of beauty.
in my readings of silent film stars and such, i found out most of them were (in a sense) larger women. no size 0 here. theda bara herself was between a size 12 to 15 through her career. it boils down to confidence-how one presents themselves. if u r going to be a wallflower than people r going to treat u like one :) the vamps knew how to get what they wanted....a stare, a flirtatous look, a glance, confidence, style.
women now could learn quite a bit from them ;)
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